New and forthcoming books from Aaaargh!

RADIO JOAN by Kevin Davey
Ninety-year-old Joan Cade lives in a care home by the sea, with three radios for company. She is a former lover of Lord Haw Haw, Hitler’s wartime broadcaster to Britain, and a one-time aide to Oswald Mosley, Britain’s fascist leader. She’s questioned, on the record. But can her memories be trusted?
Kevin Davey’s second novel is a gripping teaser whose themes are chillingly resonant in contemporary politics. It’s out now.
‘This marvellous collection builds like a symphony, from its opening dances through the surf of language and ideas to the breath-taking cross-channel swim of ‘Tinderbox plc’. Assured, funny, angry, exhilarating … Chi Chi’s Glorious Swansong demands to be read; demands to be listened to. A triumph.’ ALAN MOORE
Anna Chen’s second volume of poetry is out now.
ORWELL IN TRIBUNE  edited by Paul Anderson
‘Neatly edited by Paul Anderson, and good on the contemporary left-wing background, this deserves to sit on the same shelf as Peter Davison’s monumental The Complete Works of George Orwell.’ D J TAYLOR
All George Orwell’s columns for the leftwing weekly Tribune in a new Aaargh! Press edition, to be published in spring 2021.