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Aaaargh! Press was set up by cultural revolutionaries to transform the world – one word at a time. Actually, it’s an alternative press just like all alternative presses – but we’re trying to do it with the technology of the age. We’re unashamed libertarian socialists, but most of all we want ideas to come out to play.

New and forthcoming books from Aaaargh! Press

RADIO JOAN by Kevin Davey
Ninety-year-old Joan Cade lives in a care home by the sea, with three radios for company. She is a former lover of Lord Haw Haw, Hitler’s wartime broadcaster to Britain, and a one-time aide to Oswald Mosley, Britain’s fascist leader. She’s questioned, on the record. But can her memories be trusted?
Kevin Davey’s second novel is a gripping teaser whose themes are chillingly resonant in contemporary politics. It’s out now.
‘This marvellous collection builds like a symphony, from its opening dances through the surf of language and ideas to the breath-taking cross-channel swim of ‘Tinderbox plc’. Assured, funny, angry, exhilarating … Chi Chi’s Glorious Swansong demands to be read; demands to be listened to. A triumph.’ ALAN MOORE
Anna Chen’s second volume of poetry is out now.
ORWELL IN TRIBUNE  edited by Paul Anderson
‘Neatly edited by Paul Anderson, and good on the contemporary left-wing background, this deserves to sit on the same shelf as Peter Davison’s monumental The Complete Works of George Orwell.’ D J TAYLOR
All George Orwell’s columns for the leftwing weekly Tribune in a new Aaargh! Press edition, to be published in spring 2021.
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