Aaaargh! is Paul Anderson and Anna Chen. We’ve started by publishing ourselves and our mates – but we’re not in the business of vanity publishing. As we expand we’ll be publishing more stuff that we like. Do send us proposals. We’re a shoestring operation, but we can run to producing an e-book every couple of months and a paperback every year or so with a bit of luck. And we can do tasty deals on royalties.

We’re after original 20,000-word pamphlets (which can be collections of essays, poetry, short stories and so on) and classics that can be turned into electronic best sellers although they’re long out of print.

There’s no subject-matter that’s barred, but we’re socialists of a countercultural, libertarian bent and we ain’t planning straight policy pamphleteering. We’d rather run a very long interview with Lawrence Ferlinghetti than a diatribe on Marx’s theory of capitalism. But try us out.

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