Radio Joan by Kevin Davey




Ninety-year-old Joan Cade lives in a care home by the sea, with three radios for company. She is a former lover of Lord Haw Haw, Hitler’s wartime broadcaster to Britain, and a one-time aide to Oswald Mosley, Britain’s fascist leader. She’s questioned, on the record. But can her memories be trusted?

Making use of extensive research – including recordings of interviews with former-Blackshirt women conducted in the 1980s – Radio Joan is a gripping novel whose themes are chillingly resonant in contemporary politics.


‘In Radio Joan, Davey continues his exuberant exploration of prose fiction’s outer limits… Davey’s prose is dense, allusive, richly textured and peppered with highbrow wit and lowbrow puns, well-judged period detail and multiple nods to half-forgotten radio shows. For the reader, the effect is like turning the dial on a Bakelite wireless set and picking up past transmissions from Hilversum and Helsinki, Moscow and Madrid, Reykjavík, Berlin and Broadcasting House. One never quite knows what to expect next … a wholly original novel that will keep an attentive reader by turns engaged, intrigued and gratefully perplexed.’
DAVID COLLARD Literary Review

Radio Joan by Kevin Davey
ISBN: 978-0-9573635-9-5