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Macca still ‘hates’ CSM

What did Charles Shaar Murray do to earn Paul McCartney’s undying hatred as the Beatles legend told the audience of BBC Radio 4’s Mastertapes series this week? He wrote a hilarious piece about his 1975 interview with ‘Venus and Mars’ for the NME, published in his collection, Shots From the Hip – now out as an Aaaargh! Press e-book – and titled ‘No, not really in a way actually as it happens’.

The NME reports Macca as saying:

“… you still remember the names of the people who gave you really bad, vicious reviews: Charles Shaar Murray [former NME journalist] shall ever be hated!”

From Ultimate Classic Rock:

McCartney’s memories, as it turns out, also extend to the reviews he’s received over the years — particularly the bad ones. “You still remember the names of the people who gave you really bad, vicious reviews,” he said, half-jokingly singling out longtime NME writer Charles Shaar Murray — who described Wings’ 1975 effort Venus and Mars as “terrible” and “one of the worst albums I’ve ever heard from a so-called ‘major artist’” — as someone who “shall ever be hated.”

CSM says: “All I did was transcribe verbatim after I realised that if I removed the contradictions and incomplete sentences, there was nothing left to quote. So I ran it as was.”

Get Shots From the Hip here.


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