Radio Joan is Kevin Davey’s second novel – an intriguing encounter with 1930s and 1940s British fascism, radio as a propaganda tool and the vagaries of historical memory. It will be published in autumn 2020.

Chi Chi’s Glorious Swansong
is Anna Chen’s second book of poetry. It will be published in autumn 2020.

‘This marvellous collection builds like a symphony, from its opening dances through the surf of language and ideas to the breath-taking cross-channel swim of “Tinderbox plc”. Assured, funny, angry, exhilarating … Chi Chi’s Glorious Swansong demands to be read; demands to be listened to. A triumph.’

Playing Possum by Kevin Davey is an unashamedly modernist novel. A mix of shocking thriller and reportage, it captures a moment in the history of the north Kent coast that almost happened. It is available as a paperback here.

An American poet spends a night in Whitstable’s Duke of Cumberland Hotel in 1922. He is followed there 90 years later.

Shots-web-very-smallShots From the Hip by Charles Shaar Murray is available as an e-book here.

First published in 1991, it is a collection of Murray’s journalism on music and much, much more from the 1970s and 1980s in New Musical Express and elsewhere. The Guardian described Murray as ‘one of the best British writers on pop music, and this is a compilation of HIS best’ – and it’s published here with a new introduction by Joel Nathan Rosen and a new afterword by CSM.

MG-web-ver-smallMoscow Gold? The Soviet Union and the British left by Paul Anderson and Kevin Davey is available as a paperback here and as an e-book here

‘Anderson and Davey have taken advantage of the vast amount of research into communism since the end of the cold war. They wear it lightly, and refreshingly, are open about their political position. As members of the democratic left, they believe communism was a disaster for left wing politics. It tied the left to tyranny and the lies and disillusion that went with it.’

RFMG-web-very-smallReaching for my Gnu, a collection of poems by poet and performer Anna Chen is available as a paperback here and as an e-book here.

‘Brilliant and dangerous … one wild-ride roller-coaster that soars to altitudes of unfettered wit and then plunges with a startling and implacably knowing anger.’ MICK FARREN


‘Fierce, funny, moving and sulphurous.’

GGD-web-very-smallThe Guitar Geek Dossier, a collection of columns from Guitarist by Charles Shaar Murray is available as a paperback here and as an e-book here.

‘The Johnny Cash of rock journalism.’

‘The rock critic’s rock critic.’

‘Front-line cultural warrior.’

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