New Moscow Gold? out soon

MG-web-ver-small Paul Anderson writes:

The second paperback edition of Moscow Gold? The Soviet Union and the British left by Paul Anderson and Kevin Davey has sold out — so we’re printing more (revised again) for the centenary of the Bolshevik revolution. It will be available from Amazon here for just £9.99.

Apologies to everyone we’ve been unable to supply with the book: it’s my fault, because I’ve been very busy with work. But I caught up with Aaaargh!stuff over the Xmas holiday, and we’re now on track for putting out at least four new titles plus some new editions this year. We’ve even fixed this website’s faulty spam protection…



We had a bit of a hiatus in 2016 – when we weren’t busy working for the Man we were kinda low because of events in the world – but we’re pulling our socks up this year with at least four new titles and new editions of books we’ve already published. Stay tuned for announcements.